Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tea Time!

There are times when I do things that make me seriously question my sanity. Like when I plan a tea party for 12 (yes that's right 12) 5 year old girls. And then I'm disappointed when 4 sets of parents call with their regrets. Only 8 girls at the party, how sad............. And then the day arrives and there are 8 WILD girls in their Sunday best running rampant through my Grandmothers lovely home full of antiques, drinking out of her best crystal glasses and grinding chocolate cake into her carpet, and I'm hyperventilating and wondering how when 2 hours seemed like too little time, it now feels like an eternity. And yet, looking back just a few hours (and a well deserved nap ) later, it all seems totally worth it.
We had finger sandwiches and fruit salad, tea and strawberry lemonade. Lunch was followed by dress up relay, makeovers and a surprise visit from 2 princesses.
M was a good sport and let the girls give him a makeover. I guarantee you have never heard a group of five year olds squeal with laughter like this. I wish I could include the audio, it was wet your pants funny.......
It was truly a success. Still next year i'm taking the easy way out and going to the bowling alley.


Green Kitchen said...

That cake is wonderful. Did you make it?

Penelope Picklebottom said...

Sadly, I cannot take the credit for the cake. It was made by my talented sister. I'm an absolute disaster in the kitchen.