Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5 years

it doesn't seem possible that I've been a mom for 5 whole years, seems I just blinked and here she is all ready to walk away from me and go join her friends in doing whatever it is that 5 year olds do......my little miss independent, I can do it on my own, you don't have to snuggle me anymore mommy, too grown up for her own good, little girl. Sigh............
It began as the perfect day. Shoe shopping, a new journal and some scented markers for L, hot pretzels, a mini carousel ride. Then on to the paint your own pottery studio, followed by a visit to our favorite ice cream shop after which we laid on our backs at the park and watched the clouds.

L learned how to use the camera, took her first self portrait and we strolled through the streets downtown taking pictures and climbing about and exploring whatever shops caught her fancy.

Then things turned sour. The car died in the middle of a turn lane, Fortunately we got it up and running again, but it will have to be looked at. L's best friends called to say they couldn't make it to the birthday barbecue after all, and L was heartbroken. I burned the brats and the corn was basically inedible. L got in a food fight with her cousin. Everyone got crabby. Then the worst thing happened.. L fell off the stool climbing down from the trampoline and hurt her arm. Bad. M is two states away for work and barely able to handle the fact that he had to miss her birthday, couple that with L getting hurt and him not being able to be there for her makes one miserable Daddy.After a trip to the ER it was determined that she fractured her left distal radius ( fancy doctor talk for broken) and will need to spend the next six weeks in a cast.Goodbye swim lessons, possibly soccer too. The new basketball hoop and rope swing she got for her birthday are all but useless right now. What a way to celebrate turning 5. poo!

At least she's excited about getting her cast and decorating it........ I have a feeling this will bother me more than it will her. As soon as she got her splint on she asked to take a walk thruogh the ER so she could visit the other patients so she could "feel them better". What a trooper. She makes my heart melt. Happy birthday my little ladybug.

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