Friday, June 1, 2007

oddly enough.......fact #1

You know how people send about those little know the ones, five things you didn't know about me, things that may surprise you to know, blah blah, blah, tag you're it, let the whole world know how odd you are sorta games? Or they have a theme day on their blog...self portrait day, check out my breakfast day,(OK, I made that one up but you get the idea) Well, this is sorta like that, except I'm not tagging anyone, and I'm not picking a day, I'm just randomly sharing an odd little fact with you because.....well truthfully I don't really know why. Because I'm odd like that I guess. But secretly you know you are too. So here goes. Odd fact #1.

I hate feet. I hate when people touch my feet, i hate touching other peoples feet, I hate looking at other peoples feet. I think feet are probably the most disgusting part of the body. When I see an old lady in sandals, with her course knotty toes on display for the whole world to see, I shudder. This is probably not so unusual, i suppose it might be considered rather common to have an aversion to feet. However, one of my favorite things to take pictures of is......gasp....... feet. And after giving L the camera for an afternoon it seems she feels the same . A mutual mother daughter feet aversion/fascination.So I share with you what I've never dared share before... a small part of my feet collection. Maybe I'll start a flickr group.
And yes, I am aware that I am more than just a little bit off kilter. Though I prefer the term quirky. Cheers

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